On the day I normally sort out the newsletter, I was in a long meeting and had several hours of train travel going on. So, I thought I'd ask LinkedIn if they had any topic ideas because, frankly, my brain was a bit fried.

Sam Armondi, Co-Founder of Thought Quarter jumped in and had a suggestion. I regret asking LinkedIn now, but here's what he suggested.

"The role leaders play in getting successful digital projects going - how to create the right environment, build the right teams, and select the right partners."

Well, blimey. Thanks a bunch, Sam. My first impulse was to reach for chatGPT here, but when it's so easy to automate a generic response, it's even more important we take the time to think for ourselves.

So let's take this puppy apart, shall we? Sam asks several questions, which is a bit cheeky, Sam, isn't it? I'm looking at you with my stern face right now, Sam. I hope you're feeling it through the screen. Yeah, do you see what happens?

To avoid this turning into a book, I'm going to break the question into parts and give a short, purely subjective and opinionated answer to each element. Bloody hell, Sam.

Short pause while I walk around the house a few times...

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