On artificial reality

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One of the topics in this content item with the greatest contribution to the Very Interesting rating was “Consumer Reality Skins”. Yes, that’s right. Object recognition and planar mapping in the next generation of wearable augmented reality devices is advanced enough to allow people to customise the reality they see. Yes, the WestWorld Reality Skin, when downloaded to your AR device, can map your physical surroundings and skin them with the old-time Wild West of America. Street furniture is transformed into cacti and desert flora. Vehicle enforcement officers become “black hat” bandits you can shoot. Public transport becomes a stage coach.

WestWorld and the other new Reality Skins, like Medieval Reality, Undersea Reality and Moonbase, are fairly extreme in terms of the degree of immersion. Your Taste Profile tells me that’s probably too much for you (but your kids are going to love it). Instead, for the last year I have been making only slight adjustments to the reality you perceive, in order to present an environment more consistent with your worldview, preferences and ambitions. Your reality is now much more closely aligned with that preferred and experienced by your Professional Interest Group. Indeed, they have given this reality a Consensus Rating of “Quite Acceptable”. I am delighted you feel the same way.

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On artificial reality
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On artificial reality