Riding out the clusterfuck

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“Shit. This whole clusterfuck just got way clusterier and fuckier.” Alexis Hall, Shadows & Dreams

Firstly, I haven’t posted for a while because I’ve been struggling to keep my business afloat. It turns out I’m far from being the only one.

Most of the companies I’ve been dealing with over the last year have fewer than 200 staff. Almost without exception, they’ve stopped spending money on anything but the absolutely essential. The socio-economic clusterfuck has us all taking cover under the metaphorical table as the metaphorical nukes go off. SMEs are in survival mode and, let’s face it, there are going to be a lot more casualties in the next year or so.

With rising costs in every area of our lives, it’s no wonder businesses are gaffer-taping mattresses over their doors and windows. With no help coming from anywhere, there’s only one option: cut costs and sell more stuff.

Digital technologies can help your business grow. It isn’t expensive. Businesses adopting digital technologies see sales per employee grow by between 7% and 18%.

Here are 6 steps for choosing the right software:

As the Governor of the Bank of England might say, “get it done”.

Riding out the clusterfuck
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Riding out the clusterfuck